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Matt and Melissa Weaver finger-gunning the camera

About Us

I'm Melissa Weaver, and this is my husband Matt. We're basically a walking party.


​I'm a native North Carolinian, who currently lives in Colorado because Matt is pursuing his second Master's degree (what a nerd, amiright?) Even though we live in Colorado, my goal is to give you the best event, no matter where you live or where your wedding is! Ya girl thrives on planes and road trips.​


Why hiring me is the best decision for your special day:

  • I'm awesome and fun.

  • I've assisted and unofficially saved countless weddings over the years. Your table decorator flaked? I'm on it. 

  • I'm good at details and bossing people around (in a nice way). Your vendors, bridal party, and family will know exactly where to be and when. 

  • I am 100% team couple. If mom, grandma, dad, bridesmaid tries to change the plans to something  that you don't like, I'm going to have your back and do what YOU want on your special day.

  • The number one thing I tell clients is that something WILL go wrong on your wedding day, but I'm there to limit the chaos with lots of backup plans. 

Weaver Weddings and Events was born out of a love for events and preventing hurt feelings and failing plans at our friends' wedding. Matt was in the wedding, and I was just around because we weren't close to home. Picture it: it's 80 degrees, with approximately 1,000,000% humidity, in South Carolina, and we're 2.5 hours away from walking down the aisle - the linen lady only completed half of the tables before leaving, the tents for the food weren't set up, and another vendor moved a ton of tables and chairs from where they should have been. I was able to step in, make executive decisions, and make it happen. Five minutes before the wedding started, I finished the last place setting, changed clothes, sprinted down the stairs, and bossed the wedding party down the aisle, complete with a double-door entrance for the bride. Problem-solving and making things happen for our friends lit a new kind of fire in me. I realized event planning and making your perfect day come to fruition was/is my passion.


So, on our flight home, we built Weaver Weddings and Events because we can't wait to celebrate you and make your life easy.

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